Trio Nail Buffer

3 - Way Smooth & Shine
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A professional length, implement and manicutist's friend.

This easy to use nail butter, instantly improves nail appearance. It smooths. brightens, removes light staining and creates a natural and enduring shine. This is an attractive, well groomed look for those who either don't want to, or can't, wear nail polish.

If wearing polish, it helps prepare the nail surface so the polish will sit more evenly and have a better finish.

The Trio helps to manage nail ridges and other imperfections in the nail surface and can also help control flaking and splitting on the nail.

More to Know

Useful Tip: Apply a little Slick Tips Oil to the nail after buffing for beautifully moisturised cuticles and sparkling nails.

How to Use

With surface 1, Buff Ridges, lightly buff from side to side across the nail. A few strokes are enough to smooth ridges and remove light discolouration. Use this surface on new nail that has not been buffed previously. Now use Surface 2. Smooth Nail, to further refine the nail surface and leave it smooth and even. Finish with surface 3. Miracle Shine, to bring the nail to healthy wet-look shine.

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