Quattro Buffer

File, Buff & Shine
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An Award Winning 4-way, multi-function, nail file and buffer. An essential part of any manicure kit, it's a mini manicure in itself.

More to Know

Useful tip: Apply Slick Tips Oil to the nail after buffing for beautifully moisturised cuticles and sparkling nails

How to Use

First use the file to shape the nail. File in one direction from the side towards the centre of the nail. Ensure all nails are even and the same length and shape.

Next buff. With Surface 1. Buff Ridges - lightly buff from side to side across the nail. A few strokes are enough to smooth ridges and remove light discolouration. Use this surface on new nail that has not been buffed previously. Now use Surface 2. Smooth Nail, to smooth and refine the nail surface. Finish with Surface 3. Miracle Shine to bring the nail to a high gloss and healthy-looking shine.

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