Sharpener (For Nail White Pencil)

Keeps the pencil tip sharp and efficient
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Perfect for keeping the NAIL WHITE PENCIL the perfect shape to use to whiten under the nail tip.
Tip: can be used on any similar sized cosmetic pencils – eye liner, brow or lip pencils

More to Know

This cleverly designed sharpener has a section in the top to hold clippings, a clever little implement to clean the blade and remove any pencil residue as well as being an easy to use and efficient sharpener.

How to Use

Insert pencil and twist until the point is sharpened. To clean the blade, open the lid of the sharpener and dispose of any shavings captured in the lid. Next remove the silver coloured pin from the sharpener and use it to clean in an around the blade. Clean and replace the pin after use.

SKU: LDE420A - X/11538
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