Mini Mani Rescue Kit

Manicure Essentials Set
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All of your nail care essentials in an attractive case. Perfect for Travel or for keeping everything together in one place, no matter where you are.

This limited edition design, includes - Curved Nail Clipper, 90mm Crystal Nail File, Mini Hoof Stick, Duplex 2 sided buffer, Gun metal textured Manicure Case.

More to Know

Curved Nail Clippers - stainless steel nail clippers for quickly and cleanly reducing nail length.

90mm Mini Crystal Nail File - award winning filing in a petite size. This file effortlessly shapes the nail, allowing back and forth filing without stressing the nail edge.

Mini Hoof Stick - shapes and tidies cuticles. If cuticles are in disarray, the nails will never look good no matter how well shaped and healthy they are. Soften cuticle skin before using, either by soaking, or by applying Remove & Rectify Cuticle Cream or Slick Tips Oil.

Duplex Buffer - expert nail buffing. Use Side 1. Refine, to smooth and reduce ridges and nail imperfections. Use the other side to polish and give nail surface a gentle healthy looking shine.

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