Hoof Stick

An essential for perfect cuticles.
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The essential manicure tool for perfectly groomed and well-shaped cuticles.

The cuticles frame the nail, and if they look shabby, so will the nails no matter how long, healthy and well shaped they are.

More to Know

A double ended implement. The soft plastic tip is used on the cuticle and sides of the nails. The opposite, angled end of the Hoof Stick, is useful for cleaning and tidying under the nail tip.

How to Use

Soften cuticles first either by soaking for a few minutes in warm water or, ideally, use Remove & Rectify Cuticle Remover & Moisturiser.

With the soft, plastic end of the Hoof Stick, use small circular movements on the nail just in front and the cuticle itself. This action removes the dead skin cells on the nail surface and allows safe shaping of the cuticle.  Repeat along the line of the cuticle until it is neatly shaped.

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