Crystal Nail File Set

2 files in a stylish wallet.
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Includes: Small 135mm, nail file, Large, 195mm, nail file in a Faux Leather wallet. Presented tissue wrapped in a white box ready for giving.

The nail files glide smoothly across the nail edge reducing excess nail to dust and leaving it feeling completely smooth and even. A well filed nail edge is thicker and so helps the nail resist damage like splitting and peeling. This file, unlike traditional nail files, allows the use of a back and forth, sawing motion, which most people find easier to do.

25 Year Guarantee

So confident are we of continued good performance, each file comes with a 25-year guarantee. Should the performance of the filing surface reduce in that time we will replace it free of charge. See full guarantee details in More to Know.

More to Know

We suggest using the small crystal nail file on fingers and the large on toes but both will work equally well however they are used.

25 Year Guarantee

Please note, due to the nature of the material. the guarantee does not cover breakage no matter how caused. The file is designed for use on natural nails only. The guarantee does not cover damage caused if used on Gel Nails or Artificial Nail Extensions or is otherwise abused.

How to Use

These are the easiest of all nail files to use. Due to the nature of the filing surface, you can file in any direction, back and forth, in long or short strokes.


To keep the files working at their best, rinse in warm soapy water and use a soft nail brush to lightly remove dust build up. Carefully pat dry and replace in the wallet. Clean regularly for best performance.

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