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3 Times a Lady

A versatile pale pink cream nail polish.
£12.00 £8.40

Active-Build Treatment Polish Remover

For Soft, Weak, Thin, Fragile nails.
£6.00 £4.20

Active-Build Treatment Serum

For Soft, Weak, Thin, Fragile Nails
£12.00 £8.40

Active-Build Treatment Shield

For Weak, Soft, Thin and Fragile Nails
£12.00 £8.40

All About Me

A head turning pink nail polish.
£12.00 £8.40

Angel Dust

A clear coat nail polish with a magical sparkle.
£12.00 £8.40

As Good As New

Nail polish reviver
£12.00 £8.40

Best Seller

A dramatic, rich red nail polish.
£12.00 £8.40

Bon Voyage

A dramatic creamy tangerine nail polish.
£12.00 £8.40

Brief Encounter

Caramel beige nail polish with sophisticated shimmer.
£12.00 £8.40

Bronzed Babe

A warm, tanned and shimmering nail polish.
£12.00 £8.40

Butterfly Wings

The palest pink nail polish with purple iridescence.
£12.00 £8.40

Cashmere Sweater

Soft and luxurious pale grey nail polish.
£8.00 £5.60

Catmint *NEW*

A bewitching grey-lavender nail polish.
£12.00 £8.40

Caught Red Handed

A molten shimmering red nail polish.
£12.00 £8.40


A sophisticated, elegant and stylish nail polish.
£8.00 £5.60

Clutch Bag

Copper nail polish with shimmering warm gold.
£8.00 £5.60

Coffee Break Manicure *NEW*

Shabby To Chic Nail Kit
£18.00 £12.60